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November 8, 2012:
Poor Cy got neglected on the pupdates! Our apologies for not updating you for over a year! There have been so many other rescue cases following Cy that needed your attention more. That's because Cy effortlessly wrapped his adorably pudgy paw around the hearts of his foster family too tightly for them to ever break free. Another failed attempt at fostering has occurred, my friends. Beagles are very hard to resist - fair warning for all you potential foster parents out there! But it really is worth the risk. After all, how bad is it to fall in love with a beagle as cute as this? So Cy might be the beagle that got away, but there are others like him that need you too! Consider applying to become a foster parent or send us your adoption application anyway - whatever your preference. You never know what beagle is just around the rescue corner!!!
September 6, 2011:
This little dumpling just arrived all the way from Ohio this past week! Guessed at 2 or 3 years old, Cy (we changed his name from Porthos to Cy. It suits him so much better!) was a stray who was rescued off the streets along with his little senior sidekick who we named Scarlet JowHOWLson. Cy is missing his right eye. It appears this may have been a birth defect as opposed to a traumatic injury. Regardless, it needed sewing up in order to protect him from infection. Cy has now had his eye surgery and neuter. He's currently on the mend in his foster home. His foster daddy convinced us that Porthos wasn't the right name for our little cutie. He gave him the nickname "Carlos", less pretentious. Ahhh, foster dads and their humour. Well, we both agreed on "Cy" ultimately. Foster daddy likes to think it's short for Cyclops but that's just plain mean. I say it's short for Cyril at the risk of regaining a pretentious handle! It could also be a play on words for "sigh" as he has that look on his adorable face so often. Must be the laid back Bassett in him! Anyway, little Cy is recuperating nicely and loving his time with us. He's become great buddies with Matthew and Bentley! It will be another week at least before he doesn't look like he's been in a bar room brawl. But be assured,  he's no fighter. He's a little cuddle bug and he's gonna be a tough one to let go. So keep him in your thoughts as his little body heals. He needs some R & R right now. We'll keep you posted on his progress!