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View our YouTube Video of little Lollie HERE!

April 21, 2011 E-Blast:
Dear Friends,
Somewhere, there's someone for Lollie.
She's still waiting at the shelter and we're still hoping to bring her home to us. The staff at the shelter haven't given up either but their only hope is Big On Beagles. Lollie is too scared to be placed in regular adoption. She needs us to take her home and give her the specialized care only we can provide.
Somewhere, there's someone for little Lollie-Loo. Could that someone be you?
Don't hesitate to call us to discuss joining our family of foster parents. It just takes your call to change everything for Lollie.
April 7, 2011 E-Blast:
Meet Lollie - the incredible travelling beagle. Lollie didn't become a travelling beagle by choice. I think if it was up to her, she would have opted for that one special place to curl up always.
Lollie is approximately 4 years old. In that time, she's been owned by 3 different people. Her first owner left her outdoors to fend for herself. Not much human contact aside from the times she was taken on hunting trips but she failed miserably as a hunting dog. Unfortunately, that was her longest stay in one place. It was probably a few years she was owned by this disappointed hunter. The next home lasted only months and the next home (found thru Kijiji) even shorter. Lollie isn't the fun-loving pet these families expected her to instantly become. She's fearful of loud noises, sudden movements, men she doesn't know - all thanks to the emotional scars left behing by her lonely past.
Little Lollie Lulu needs a patient, loving and understanding soul to heal her heart one paw-step at a time. The fun-loving beagle is there...just beneath the surface. You can see it in those beautiful eyes. All we need is to bring it out with a little help from just the right foster parent. Could that special person be you?