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 Excerpt from e-blast sent out June 9, 2010:
Mya has finally found her place in this world as of this past weekend when she lifted Tom and Johanne back up after losing their beloved beagle, Patch, only a month ago. Here's a little "pupdate" we received...
We Love her soo much!The Coles Notes version is as follows:
      When we left your house, she cried and moaned to about Lakeshore and Commisioners Rd.Johanne was in the backseat with her and the backseat airconditioning was blowing in her face which she seemed to like (as you advised)
      She remembered our home and settled in nicely
      She has been for approx 5 walks and loves the neighborhood!
      Needless to say, she enjoyed an afternoon snooze with Johanne this weekend.
      She lies between us when we're at different parts of the house ie.if I'm outside and Johanne's inside, she lies on the doorstep.
      She loves music!Touissant makes her collapse and Nat King Cole makes her sleep.
We love her.
Tom Johanne and Mya

E-Blast sent out March 10, 2010:

What is HOME for a dog?

I think it's really simple. Especially for a gal like Mya.

HOME is someone she can love and who loves her back. The rest of it - the roof over her head, the cushiony couch, the food in her dish, the sniffable backyard - are all secondary.

As you may recall, we saved Miss Mya back in October when her owner (a homeless man with a drinking problem) finally surrendered her to an animal shelter. I say "finally" because it was her saving grace - considering he once tied her to a phone booth and forgot her there.

Despite 10-year-old Mya's roller-coaster of a past, she hasn't toughened up in personality. She's a lovey-dovey-mooshy girl. All she ever wants is to love and to be loved. It goes without saying how terrified she was in the shelter. Given her age, the caring staff at TAS-South Region called us in the hope we could give her the fairytale happy ending she deserved.

We did. At least, that's what we hoped. After all, Mya's not so big on roller-coasters.

We'd found the perfect HOME for Mya - the most loving couple! A gentle-voiced man and a woman with the biggest heart for animals. She warned me with a wagging finger that fostering wouldn't do. She'd never be able to part with Mya. It was indeed what we wanted to hear. But, there was one catch. Mya's foster mom was chronically ill. There was a chance her condition could worsen and no way of knowing when. We knew the risk. But we also knew there are never any guarantees in life. And so we looked at what was certain and that was just how much love there was between Mya and her foster mom. That mattered most of all.

I'm not writing to tell you the love ended, only the ability to love fully. Mya's foster mom has taken a serious turn for the worse. None of us could have predicted such a sudden and drastic change. Our hearts go out to her and her heart goes out to Mya. She loves Mya too much for her not to have the fairytale ending she deserves. So do we.

That's why Mya's foster mom and I are sending out this message to you. Together - we're searching for her fairytale.

It will take a little time for Mya to adjust to a new HOME once again. She's a sensitive girl, with big worried eyes we hope will one day soften with joy and confidence. But we know she can overcome yet another challenge. In fact, we both think a doggy sibling would help tremendously with the transition. Mya spent Christmas with me and my family when her foster parents went to visit relatives out-of-town. After the first day jitters, Mya was learning the joys of doggy wrestling thanks to my 4-year-old beagle Matthew and, by Day 3, she won her first trophy! No worried look in those big brown eyes that day...only victory!

My favourite moment with Mya had to be this one day at our vet clinic. We were waiting in the lobby. That's where she stole the show, sitting prim and proper right beside me on the bench pleased to make the acquaintance of everybody who walked through the door!

I love Mya. If I didn't already have the maximum number of howlers you can have, she'd be mine.

How about YOU? Is there a section of your couch available for Mya?

HOME is a magical place. I think the best description ever can be taken from a song by Talking Heads:

"I'm just an animal looking for a home

Share the same space for a minute or two

...And you're standing here beside me

I love the passing of time

Never for money

Always for love

Cover up and say goodnight...

...HOME is where I want to be

But I guess I'm already there..."

"This Must be the Place"

- Talking Heads
Here's a sweet note from Mya's Foster Parents!

Pupdate on Miss Mya   January 10, 2010


Our lady of the house came to stay with us on October 17, 2009. Frightened and unsure, she whimpered most of the time and was terrified of being left alone. I think her world was rocked so many times in her past that one more shift and it would cave in.  She always had a sad, baleful look about her and I am sure she was wondering what life would kick her with next. I was certain that the separation anxiety issues were going to be insurmountable for Mya as they were quite intense. However, I am thrilled to say that Mya is a different dog now. She has been, easily, left alone for as much as 6 hours. No longer does she cry or pace around. Her tail is a constant windmill. Her expression is happy and she seems to have come to the realization that life has more to offer than misery and she is going to grab it with both paws. I have never had a beagle (and she is my fifth) that behaves as well as she does! She never barks, she is manners personified, a dream to walk…..yes folks you heard it right…..and she is very clean in the house. She truly is that rare jewel of a beagle. She sleeps quietly all night, well except for the snoring, nestled between us on the bed and is so content to snuggle and cuddle and just be loved.  She is gentle with all she meets; my parrots, other dogs, cats, kids and even ignores the squirrels! One could not ask for anything more from a dog. She is near to perfect is Miss Mya. I say near because, after all folks, our girl is still a beagle. She will still snatch food if it presents itself and she will still bury her bones in the garden and she will let her nose take her to the ends of the universe I am sure but she will not tear open garbage bags or chew couch cushions, chair legs or your favorite pair of shoes nor will she howl your neighbors into a fury. Mya is patient, kind, gentle and a real lady with eyes that will melt your heart. She is ten tons of love in a little beagle bag.


From Foster Mama and Daddy

Audrey and John
PUPDATE as of Oct 27, 2009:
Mya is about to have her media debut! She's my "Pet of the Month" for the next issue of BEACH METRO COMMUNITY NEWS! Here's a sneak preview of the article to be published Nov 3, 2009!
My Oh MYA, What a Wonderful Day!!!         
 It was one of those zip-a-dee-doo-dah kind of days when we took Mya into our beagle rescue this past October. Actually, it’s always a doo-dah day when we rescue a beag but Mya was extra on the zip-a-dee!  At the risk of reducing our beagle fan base, Mya is what we beagle experts like to call a “good beagle” which is most extraordinary. The very idea of a good beagle goes against every written fact, law and owner testimonial about the breed. It’s virtually unheard of. And yet, there she was, like an exotic orchid stealing the sun from an army of defeated dandelions! 

Before we delve into the unique splendor that is Mya, I must come to the defense of regular beagles. The dandelions can fend for themselves.  

Being good adversely affects creativity. Beagles are meant to devise intricate strategies for breaking into the kitchen garbage at midnight. They’re meant to howl at the full moon, whether your neighbours like to sleep or not. And if they manage to paw down the Sunday roast from the counter, you’ve only got yourself to blame.  
The good news for beagle owners is beagles have little to no interest in eating you. They might like to lick your face ‘til you wrinkle up like a prune, but that’s as far as it goes. If you’re fully armed with a sense of humour, you can survive life with a beagle bent on badness. And as long as stories of survival remain a source of entertainment for us, beagles will always be in demand. 
Mythical beagles like Mya, on the other hand, are every beagle owner’s pipedream. It’s perfectly reasonable for you to wonder whether she’s fact or fiction. Why would such a treasure be given up?  
Sometimes, bad things happen to good dogs. 
Mya’s last owner had an unfortunate habit of making bad choices. Battling an addiction to alcohol, he once forgot her after tethering her to a phone booth while attending the local bar. But when he became homeless at the end of summer, Mya’s owner did the right thing. Ignoring his mates’ suggestions to simply dump her on the street, he handed her over to our friends at Toronto Animal Services - South Region (TAS-South) in the hopes of a good life for his unnaturally good dog. He couldn’t have made a better choice.  
TAS-South and its fellow branches have permanently shooshed away the Shawshank image of the ‘Dog Pound’ with the help of more well-spun tails than we can count!  Did you hear about the 13 shih-tzus surrendered to TAS-South last month? Never groomed or walked in all their lives and barely existing in a cramped apartment. Our heroes at TAS-South worked into the night following their arrival, gently shaving off their filthy matted fur to finally rid them of the discomfort they’d endured. Before long, they’ll be spinning their tails too when they each find loving homes. 
Through the Pet Placement Program, TAS branches are bringing hope back to the lives of special needs pets as well. By working together with reputable private rescue groups, animals that require specialized care before finding permanent homes are saved. Mya fell under that category. 
Guessed at over 10 years old, Mya would have been overlooked in the shelter’s adoption room. But that wasn’t the only determining factor for calling us. Mya was visibly shaken by her new circumstances. The staff wondered how many times she’d felt the ground beneath her paws give way. It was about time the earth stood still. 
Rest assured the only thing spinning now is Mya’s tail. It was obvious she was one of those rare ‘good beagles’ the moment she arrived at her foster home. You’d think introducing a beagle to 5 feathered friends would be a nail-biting experience. Not with Mya. She politely pranced over to one of the bird cages and before we could catch our breath, they were nose to beak in love! Yep, she’ll have Mr. Bluebird on her shoulder in no time!  

Mya is an approximately 12-year-old bird-loving beagle glowing with goodness at BIG ON BEAGLES (BOB) Rescue,

Speaking of zip-a-dee-doo-dah days, we’ve got one howl of a FUNraising event coming up for you! Mark in your beagle calendar our 4th Annual BEAGLE BASH FOR CASH! at Urban Dog Fitness & Spa on Sunday, November 15th! Visit our site for all the party details!

Her face says it all really. It tells a story without the use of words. And if you met her in person, it would be all you need to want to bundle her up in your arms and never let go. We want to do that more than anything. That's why we're telling you about her. As you know from the last message about Chance, our foster homes are full. In order to come to the rescue of dogs like Chance and Mya, we need to find more wonderful foster families.
Mya is the victim of her owner's misfortune. For the last 3 years, she's been owned by the same fellow - an alcoholic living in deplorable conditions in a bad area of the city. Now, he's homeless. His friends suggested he simply throw Mya out onto the street since he can no longer keep her. At least he had the good sense not to take their advice. Mya is supposedly 14 years old, though her teeth are in surprisingly good condition if that's truly her age. But we can be sure she's at least 10.
It hasn't been much of a life for her these last few years. Our friends at Toronto Animal Services remembers her being picked up in the past when she was found tied to a telephone booth. Her owner had forgotten her there. Now, she's back at the shelter. This time, he brought her in on his own steam...albeit drunk. But we must be thankful he brought her in where she's now safe, with a roof over her head and food in her bowl. Still, shelter life is no life for any dog. Mya deserves better.
When I met her today, my heart just melted. She was trembling from nose to tail, but despite it all, there was hope and trust in her eyes. She wants so badly to be loved that anybody who shows her the least bit of kindness is good enough. She no longer dreams big.
We want Mya to dream BIG with BIG ON BEAGLES. Do you think you could help us make that happen? We want it all for this dear little soul and we're determined to find it. Our friends at Toronto Animal Services feel the same way. Mya has been through enough. Given her age and her sad tale, they would be so happy if we could take her in and give her the life she deserves.
If you've got an extra bit of space at home to foster Mya, send us your Foster Application for our consideration. And for those out there who already have a house full of howlers and cannot foster for that reason or any other, please just send your love. I'm a firm believer in the power of love. That's what miracles are made of. Rest assured, we'll find a miracle for Mya.