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Thank You for visiting our beagles for adoption! A picture may speak a thousand words and a sad beagle tale might pull at your heartstrings do you know which beagle is the RIGHT beagle for YOU? By submitting an Adoption Application, of course! By filling out an application, we learn more about you and what beagle would suit you best! Keep in mind, too, that the beagles posted here are those lucky enough to land foster families with us. We hear about other beagles in need practically on a daily basis. Sadly, there are never enough foster homes to take them all in. So, even if you're not sure if you see the Beagle of Your Dreams posted on our site today, don't let it stop you from sending us your application! Perhaps, fostering a beagle in need interests you. If so, we welcome your completed Foster Application as much as we do receiving adoption inquiries! Whether you're looking to adopt, foster or simply learn more about our special work on behalf of homeless howlers, give us a HOWL today! We're always wagging our tails in anticipation of your heartfelt messages!!!
 E-blast sent out March 25, 2010:

This is what happens when hearts collide...

To all of you who've contributed to Clyde so far, here's a sweet little note from his family:

To everyone who extended their support to our little Clydesdale....

Aron and I would like to thank you for your care and concern and generosity in this difficult time.

When we read about this little guy needing a foster home through our friends at BIG ON BEAGLES, we couldn't resist. Clyde pawed his way into our lives last summer, joining our 12 year old Mastiff cross, Nori, and our 11 year old beagle & BOB grad, Rosie. We knew pretty much from the start, he was staying for good.

With Rosie and Nori, we're accustomed to frequent and expensive vet bills on a monthly basis - acupuncture, checkups, know how it is, but we never imagined this happening so suddenly and so seriously to Clyde....

That's when Marna insisted on a BOB fundraiser for Clyde. Family is family were her words and we're so touched by her efforts.

Clyde visited his Auntie Marna since his recovery. She took the adorable pic of him above.

I'm very happy to report that Clyde is now more energetic and goofy than ever! I suspected all along something was not quite right, and despite seeing multiple vets and having multiple tests, nothing showed up until this horrible emergency. We don't know too much about Clyde's history, but we're guessing this abscess was slowly ticking like a timebomb for a very long time. The proof is how he is now...finally acting like a REAL beagle.... for better or worse! ( ;

We were so overwhelmed by everyone's support, and want to extend our gratitude to you all - those of you who know and love him, and those of you who only had to read his story to know he is a special boy....

We're proud to be part of the BOB family. And we're so glad to have our little Clyde back, with a clean bill of health! Best of all, we've been assured by the many extraordinary vets at the VEC that the chance of this recurring is less than 1%, if at all. Those are nice odds.

With love,

Jen & Aron & (of course!) Clydesdale - BOB

grad and the love of our life:

E-blast sent out March 11, 2010:

It's enough to melt your heart. And that's just what Clyde did after being rushed to the Veterinary Emergency Clinic last month. He melted everyone's heart - from the surgeons to the custodians. He melted them all. Being the cutest beagle in the world (with the exception of yours, of course) certainly helped, but it was something else that captured their hearts. Never once did Clyde give up, nor did he complain. He's our Braveheart.

You might remember Clyde from last summer. He and his sidekick, Bonnie, were found wandering the wooded areas of Timmins. Just two little pint-sized beagles far from the comforts of home. But Clyde was actually traced back to a breeder who had no interest in his safe return. Perhaps Clyde had outlived his purpose, considered of little value given his estimated age of 8. But you can be sure he was of value to us.

When Bonnie got adopted, Clyde grew depressed. That's when the shelter staff called us and the rest, as they say, is history...but not quite. I don't think we ever told you about Clyde's foster family. Without them, there would be no history-in-the-making. Not for Clyde and certainly not for Rosie - a very sickly little beagle we rescued 2 years ago that we never could have imagined would be living the dream with this incredibly generous family today. Jen and Aron are the kind of people you thank your lucky stars for every day. The kind of people who put their heart and soul into bringing the wag back to a dog's tail. They're also the kind of people who fall too hard to ever say goodbye. Foster dog, Rosie, became perma princess despite all her health issues. And not too long ago, we celebrated Clyde joining their family forever.

Jen and Aron got married last year. They made the perfect couple. And they chose to honour the occasion with a contribution to Big On Beagles. It didn't matter that Rosie cost them a fortune after a serious health scare just before their wedding day.

It's time to give back because you do that sort of thing for people you love. After all, they're part of our BOB family. Like you, they help us come to the rescue of homeless howlers. And when we rescue a beagle, it's a lifetime commitment no matter if they stay with us or they find that magical forever home.

Clyde almost died last month. If it were not for his foster parents turned forever parents, he wouldn't be here today. They spared no expense to save his life. It happened so suddenly. Clyde needed a large mass removed from his neck which ultimately meant losing two lymph nodes and his salivary gland. He was in hospital for 5 days. As to the cause, it remains a mystery. His specialists were baffled, but there is a very real possibility that little Clyde was carrying this ticking time bomb for a while, perhaps from the days before his rescue. When you're hungry enough, you'll eat just about anything. Something he ingested may have caused a growing infection that only now has come to light.

Saving Clyde was a tremendous blow to their finances, but Jen and Aron have kept smiling, thankful he's still with them. But Clyde had another episode earlier this week which sent him right back to the hospital for life-saving intervention. The setback was likely related to his previous medical emergency, but he's going to be okay now and that's all that matters.

Clyde is FAMILY and so are Jen and Aron. And so are all of you. These are extraordinary circumstances. We want to present Clyde's family with a monetary gift to help ease the burden of Clyde's medical costs. Costs Jen and Aron didn't even think twice about. For the love of Clyde.

In the last month, Clyde's medical expenses have soared to almost $10,000. There is no question he was worth it. Just as every beagle we're here to save is.

With a family as big as ours, we can make a difference here. If we all pitch in just a little, we can help enormously. It's really nothing new to us, is it?

We've looked at our current funding and at this time, BOB is so happy to be in a position to cover Clyde's VEC bill from this week of $1,300. But that only scratches the surface. We want to do so much more while maintaining a sufficient level of support for the other beagles in our program and for those yet to come.

So we're asking for your help because that's what family is all about. Being there for each other when we need it the most.

Even beagles that go by the name of Braveheart need a little help sometimes...

To add your heart to ours for the love of Clyde and his family, click here to make your special donation towards his emergency medical costs:

November 18, 2009:  Clyde and Rosie are officially brother and sister! Congratulations Clyde!
Well, folks, it happened again. That old black beagle devil magic is responsible yet again for casting a spell on another unsuspecting foster family. What can I say? Beagles are hypnotic and, thanks to their supreme manipulative powers, we're constantly losing foster parents! Who can resist the eyes of a down-on-his/her-luck beagle? Nobody! Especially our foster parents! But, no worries. The way we see it...we haven't lost a foster parent, we've gained another beagle success story and a forever parent all at the same time! We really couldn't be happier...wait a minute! We COULD be happier...if YOU contact us TODAY to inquire about fostering a beagle! Just as long as you know we can't guarantee you won't fall madly in love with your foster baby!    (   ;

Meet Clyde! (Posted as of July 9, 2009)

We were actually expecting Bonnie & Clyde but, as it turns out, his partner in crime found her furever home through the shelter that rescued the two dear souls from life in the wild. Clyde wasn't so lucky and, believe me, neither of them are hardened criminals. They are sweet and innocent little angels who deserve so much better!
So the wonderful staff at Timmins Humane Society asked if we could take little Clyde and ensure the rest of his life is better than the life he's had so far.
Clyde is just unpacking his bags from a very lengthy road trip from Timmins and, in fact, was neutered at our vet clinic just this morning so he needs some time for the fur to settle before we can tell you his tale of woe. For now, please send your good wishes to this absolutely adorable little boy and we'll pupdate you soon!!!

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