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Our sincere thanks go out to all our friends and supporters who helped us raise over $6,000 for our homeless howlers through the 6th Annual K9 Rescue Me Walkathon at Woofstock on Sunday, June 14th! BIG BEAGLE HUGS TO ALL!!!

Say "Bonjour" to Mabelle-Jeanne!   

Every once in a blue moon, a picture perfect little beagle is brought to our attention. Of course, I think all beagles are perfect...even the ones that aren't (and there are many!)...but, in this case, I'm referring to the standard definition of 'perfect'.

Mabelle-Jeanne aka Mabel-Jane is perfectly perfect. A budding flower at the perfectly precious age of 2-years-old, small in stature and as yet, unaware of her birthright --- the beagle howl. She has a lovely disposition with her fellow dogs, (kitties too so we're told!) and absolutely lovey-dovey over any human that gives her a wink and a smile.

Here's the kicker --- Mabel-Jane is homeless.

Our little French beagle baguette had somehow found herself discarded by whomever she once belonged to, winding up in a shelter of ill repute in Quebec when the wonderful folks at CAACQ (Companion Animal Adoption Centres of Quebec) came to her rescue. She would have lost her life had they not. But that was only the beginning!

Homeless dogs are sadly a dime a dozen in Quebec and that's why the CAACQ teamed up with our friends at Toronto Animal Services - South Region (at the CNE grounds). So many dogs continue to find new beginnings in Ontario thanks to the combined efforts of these folks. Mabel-Jane was about to become the next Frenchie to take the Highway to Hope to Toronto! She arrived at TAS-South yesterday afternoon. And that's when we got the call. Our friends at the shelter know that we are Mabel-Jane's best hope for a perfect future to match her perfect personality! They would be thrilled if we took this Petite Madamoiselle into our rescue program and found her the perfect family!

You don't have to speak French to foster Mabel-Jane. The best form of communication is LOVE! I lost count of how many kisses she planted on my face today when we met.

Could YOU be the one for Mabel-Jane? Then send us your Foster Application toute suite! She's already puckering up in anticipation!


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