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Our sincere thanks go out to all our friends and supporters who helped us raise over $6,000 for our homeless howlers through the 6th Annual K9 Rescue Me Walkathon at Woofstock on Sunday, June 14th! BIG BEAGLE HUGS TO ALL!!!


I'm famous! I was on Animal House Calls on Tuesday, Feb 3rd, 2009!

All About Dwight D. Eishenhowler...
Pupdate as of July 27, 2009:
It's Official! I managed to talk the husband into keeping our little foster boy!
This is always the risk with Yours Truly, founder of Big On Beagles. I can't help but fall hopelessly in love with any of the rescue waifs that wind up in our home for their foster care. Dwight had me at HOWLO. But, in my defense, the poor kid had to go through spinal surgery back in November and needed several weeks' rehab. The old maternal instincts kicked in and we both kinda got hopelessly hooked. Besides, he's part of our beagle pack now. He's FAMILY. So, don't blame me for tripping on my heart once again. If we're gonna point fingers, we should be aiming them straight at Dwight and his big chocolate brown eyes. It's really all his fault...
Pupdate as of January, 2009: Dwight is recovering nicely from his spinal surgery! Maybe the fur hasn't grown back just yet, but his spunk keeps growing every day!!!
Pupdate as of Dec. 31, 2008:
Dwight is wagging in the New Year with new HOPE!
Maybe his fur hasn't grown back in yet (all we've got so far is some peach fuzz) and maybe he can't climb those mountain ranges just yet but he WILL grow back his fur and he WILL climb mountains (or at least snow banks down on the Beach) because Dwight is goingto live and and he's going to live LARGE!
Thanks to YOU...
I think HOPE is what we all need more of right now
and I think that's why we all came together to give a little hope to a dog named Dwight D. Eisenhowler
Hope in any form does our hearts good!
Wishing You HOPE FULFILLED ~ today, tomorrow and always!
December 4, 2008: Sometimes, the unexpected happens...
Below is an urgent message we sent out to friends and supporters on Thursday night. We've raised over $1,000 towards Dwight's surgery so far! Please help to keep that number climbing!
Do you remember Dwight D. Eisenhowler, BOB Rescue Beagle No. #71? Dwighty sent out your final Party Reminder for the BEAGLE BASH FOR CASH this year.
You might recall his story. Yet another stray picked up by Toronto Animal Services. But something prevented him from going into their adoption room. Dwight's back end showed significant muscle-wasting and his hind legs were extremely unstable. The shelter vet wondered whether it was a neurological disorder. She was right. When he first came into our care, things looked hopeful but when Dwight didn't get any better with medication, we were sent to a neurologist. As it turns out, Dwight has a large cyst pressing on his spinal cord. He needs surgery. Without it, he'll become paralyzed. We can't let that happen. So Dwight goes for his surgery tomorrow.
On November 9th, we raised over $4,000 for our beagles at our BEAGLE BASH FOR CASH. Little did we know that the entire amount would be needed for one little beagle and so soon. But the last thing we were going to do is say No to Dwight. And the second last thing we want to do is hit you up for more money. But we've got to ask you something.
With the expected total costs required to save Dwight amounting to approximately $4,500, we will have no choice but to close our doors for the time-being while we work on tapping into new resources to help restore our funding. If you've got some special skills and/or time to contibute to the cause in the new year, we would be very pleased to hear from you.
And, if you were unable to attend the Bash and you haven't made a donation to your favourite beagle charity for a while, please consider one now. We understand times are tough and the holiday season is upon us, so we only ask that you consider a gift of $5 or $10. Because if you forward this special message to other dog lovers you know, and if EVERYBODY made a small donation to Dwight, we just might make a Christmas miracle happen.
Please spread the word about Dwight. You never know who among us has been scratching their heads wondering what special thing they could do for someone this Christmas. Maybe, they'll consider saving Dwight.
Click here to make your on-line gift to Dwight:
With Hopeful Hearts,
Your Friends at BIG ON BEAGLES (B.O.B)
An Assistance Agency for Beagles Experiencing Troubled Times
November 26, 2008:
I thought you might like a sneak preview of my article on Dwight that will appear in the next issue of Beach Metro News for my column, "Pet of the Month!"

Keep your eyes on this guy! He may be new on the campaign trail, but he’s got what it takes to win your vote!
Introducing the Future Resident of our great nation (or at least the Beaches)…Dwight D. Eisenhowler!
As his speech writer and tailspin doctor, I’ve got the inside scoop on Dwight!
Born and raised in Anytown, Ontario (he was a stray), Dwight sniffed his way out of the shadows of obscurity determined to put his paw stamp on the world! A dog of the people and for the people! Dwight knows what it is to be homeless but not hopeless, although there have been woeful times. One might say he was a POW (Prisoner of Woe) when we met. He was serving time in a local animal shelter, but even behind bars, there was a twinkle in his eye!
Guessed at 7 to 9 years old, he’s got plenty of experience too. That is to say, he’s got the training required for the Dwight House…if you know what I mean.
So we asked Dwight to leave the shelter, join BIG ON BEAGLES (B.O.B) and run for Resident! Dwight sealed the deal with a paw-shake and never looked back!
Health exams are mandatory for our Residential Candidates and Dwight took it all in stride, from blood work to x-rays. Sure, he’s got some ‘woe wounds’ but nothing to lose his tailwag over! The doc detected a slight heart murmur which need only be monitored yearly.
Exercise is also something the doctor ordered. Judging from Dwight’s hind quarters, our Residential hopeful never had the opportunity to run or walk for anything before. Significant muscle-wasting in his tail-end sadly suggests he was confined to a crate for extended periods. He may be a woe hero but those days are over, Rover! Now that he has an entire “committee” at his beck and howl, life is free and easy - pounding the boardwalk, shaking paws and licking babies! Running for Resident is a dream come true!
Given all the health benefits of a walk along the beach, you better believe the environment is Dwight’s top priority! If you bump into him on the campaign trail, don’t get the wrong idea. He may look spiffy but, rest assured, he’s wearing paw-me-down donations. Dwight believes in recycling. After all, HE’S recycled and proud of it! He plans to stick close to his humble beginnings too, so he never forgets what it took to get to the Dwight House!
And it takes a whole lot! Especially since Dwight isn’t our only Residential Candidate. In fact, he’s our 71st Beag for Rez since the formation of our party in 2001! That’s why our annual BEAGLE BASH FOR CASH matters so much. This year, we raised over $4,000 for our homeless howlers! We’re absolutely over the moon but we know the money is spent faster than Dwight can wag his tail at a campaign rally. Fundraising is crucial to cover veterinary expenses. But there’s something else just as important, something that can’t be bought. A famous beagle (or Beatle) once said, “Money can’t buy me LOVE!” That’s all that’s missing for our lemon & whitey Dwighty!
Dwight has a DREAM! He wants to curl up in the Dwight House with you and make good on his campaign promises - serving a lifelong term (of slobbery kisses) as your official canine RESIDENT! Can we make it all happen for Dwight?
Dwight D. Eisenhowler is a 7-9 year old, male neutered lemon and white beagle backed by his ‘party’, BIG ON BEAGLES, Dwight has the right stuff to be YOUR Resident! Why not follow President Elect Barack Obama’s lead by adopting a rescue dog like our Dwight?!! How can a dog whose middle initial stands for Delight not win your vote?!!
November 5, 2008:
Introducing...Dwight D. Eisenhowler, B.O.B Rescue Beagle No.#71
Lemon & Whitey Dwighty wiggled his homeless beagle butt into our lives yesterday so we asked him to participate in sending out our last Party Reminder e-blast before the BIG DAY this Sunday! After all, Dwight and the rest of the BOB orphans are the reason behind everything we do and you are the reason it's all possible.
Dwight is here with us now. He might not know it yet, but he's in for a whole lot of happiness. We're going to see to that! Because, we're pretty sure he hasn't known much about happiness. Yet another stray picked up by Toronto Animal Services. Where do they all come from? When nobody came to claim him, the hope was to place him in their adoption program and find him a new home, but his health was questionable. Dwight's back legs are wonky leaving the shelter vet to wonder about a neurological disorder. She also detected a heart murmur. He simply wasn't fit to go into adoption. They called us, hoping we'd have room. He was too sweet for them to give up on him.
We agree!
Dwight D. Eisenhowler (The D stands for Delightful) has already been to our vet and the news is good! Following x-rays and a physical exam, his issues don't seem to be neurological and his heart, regardless of murmur, is working well! We'll be trying anti-inflammatories to start and see how things go from there. The future is definitely looking bright for Dwight!
Year after year, beagle after beagle, YOU make it happen...just by being there.
So please make sure you come out to our 3rd Annual BEAGLE BASH FOR CASH! this Sunday, November 9th!!!
We put the FUN in Fundraiser, ya'll!!!