MORTIMER (Adoption Pending!)

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All About Mortimer Muffin...
PUPDATE as of April 4, 2009:
After our April Howlers BYOB Meetup at Pawsway on Saturday, April 4th, Mortimer's new parents signed on the dotted line and Morty became a kept beagle!!! Who adopted him? Well, we cannot tell a lie. Morty's foster family just couldn't part with him. He fit in perfectly - not because he's perfect but because he's Mortimer and Mortimer is exactly what his family needed! Congratulations to our sweet Mortimer Muffin and to his marvelous family, Denise & John, their two-legged son and their 4-legged beagle daughter Molly! You won the jackpot, Morty!!!
Happy Pupdate on Morty!
On January 26th, we sent out an urgent plea for a foster home for Mortimer to all of you. On January 27th, we were walking out the shelter door with our newest bundle of beagle joy!
We couldn't wait to share the happy news with you! We also couldn't wait to thank you for being there once again. The response to Mortimer was amazing! We had a few inquiries only minutes after we sent our message! And we found our family for Mortimer by day's end. The perfect little foster family! Big hugs to Denise, John, their son Alex and their beagle princess Molly! Once Morty is neutered, he'll be making his way HOME! How did we know they were the perfect foster family? Morty told us...with his tail. When he met them, a tail thought permanently stuck between two hind legs, suddenly emerged! That's all we really needed!
January 26, 2009: The Desperate Case of Mortimer Muffin...
On December 27th, when most of us were still celebrating the HOWLiday season, Mortimer was being introduced to his cage in a local animal shelter. He was just another stray. No name at the time and no past. Yet, we can't help but make assumptions about his past.
I met Mortimer for the first time this past weekend, after the shelter staff called us about their beagle boy. They said I'd fall in love with him. They were right. How could anyone not lose their heart to this dog? There he was, cringing in his cage all alone. It was all he could do to look up at us, he was so fearful of being hit. Now I don't make a habit of drawing such heartbreaking conclusions, but I couldn't ignore the telltale signs of mistreatment.
Mortimer Muffin needs our kind of help. If only we had a foster home. All our foster homes are full. We've taken on so many difficult cases in the last few months. And yes, we found our miracle for Pepper when one of our adopters responded to last week's plea!
Could YOU be the miracle for Mortimer?
Morty is guessed to be 8-10 yrs old. He's not showing any outward signs of health issues but we'll know for sure after gathering him up and getting him to our wonderful vet for a thorough check-under-the-hood examination. But none of this can happen unless we find him a place to hang his leash and learn what it is to be loved.
Even if you cannot foster a beagle for us right now, please consider helping to keep us afloat during these troubled times by making a donation. With every beagle we rescue, dollars are spent. For the sake of beagles like Mortimer, we cannot afford to let the well run dry!
Help us bring Mortimer's beagle tail back to life!