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March 1, 2022:

The Claim Period.

Usually, it's a week.

And it's usually more than enough time for frantic owners to be joyfully reunited with lost pets that were fortunate enough to have been found and rescued from the cold by the good folks at the local animal shelter.


Just ask an animal care worker. There are few things more uplifting than watching a dog suddenly come back to life at the mere sight of their beloved family. Hugs, tears and endless words of love and gratitude brighten up the shelter's lobby as they all walk out the door TOGETHER, dog smack dab in the middle wagging his tail to beat the band.


But that's not always how things go for a stray dog in an animal shelter.


That's certainly not how it went for the little old fellow pictured here who was rescued from the cold the day before Valentine's…along with his companion, a frail little female beagle with the most soulful eyes.


Two senior dogs in frightfully poor condition. They were rushed to the emergency hospital for assessment. Sadly, the female with the soulful eyes was in such dire circumstances she was humanely euthanized.


Suddenly, the little old fellow with such a lost look in his eyes was completely on his own for that Claim Period.




It's a long time for an old dog to wait in a shelter for an owner that would never come.


But we can tell you, his caregivers did their very best to lift his spirits.

During the day, he spent time with the gals at the front desk curled up in a cozy dog bed while the daily buzz of a busy animal shelter whirled above his sweet head. He didn't mind any of it. He was warm. He was fed. And his caregivers could always spare a moment to pat his head and reassure him that everything would be okay.


Still, they knew nobody would come for him.

Call it ESP or just plain gut feeling derived from years of experience.


That's why they contacted us in the hopes we could gather up their dear little office temp the moment that week was up.


And we did.


And we named him "Seven", for every day he waited for us to arrive.


Just ask an animal care worker.

There's at least one thing more uplifting than seeing a family reunited with their lost pet.

It's seeing an abandoned animal given the chance to know what it is to be truly loved.


We want to take this opportunity to thank the ones who saved Seven first.

The dedicated staff at the Uxbridge-Scugog Animal Control who not only gave him a temp position at their front desk, but dipped into their funds to provide him with vital initial medical care…not to mention an invigorating bubble bath the day before we picked him up!


Seven is currently undergoing diagnostics through our vet clinic to determine his health issues. The discovery by the shelter of an outdated microchip 12 years old tells us that Seven is quite senior and his persistent cough may be an indicator of heart trouble. Please keep him in your hearts and prayers as we work through these concerns.


Last but not least, as it turns out, Seven has an adorable tendancy to SMILE (as well as SNORE) in his sleep! Please visit our FB page to check out his latest pics!