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April 2020  After much struggle, we finally determined Adagio's medical condition to be Laryngeal Paralysis. On April 27th, he underwent surgery at VEC to resolve the life-threatening condition. We are so happy to announce the surgery was a success! Adagio is doing wonderfully with no further struggle breathing/eating. He's one happy boy!!! Big thanks to the VEC and to all our supporters for getting us through this costly procedure. 

excerpt from March 20, 2020 eblast:


Adagio is settling in nicely with his foster family after a rather bumpy start! On his first night this past Sunday, he was rushed to an emergency hospital due to laboured breathing. Although not yet confirmed, he may have a bout of pneumonia. Now on antibiotics, he's feeling much better and even had a shower & a blow dry today! When that elephant in the room decides to move out, we hope to have Adagio into the vets for another re-check followed by dental & neuter surgery - a procedure that is so important to his long-term health.


Feb 20, 2020 eblast:


We wanted to let you in on this boy. This adorable boy. We simply cannot get him off our minds ever since the shelter contacted us about him earlier this month. Despite how overwhelmed we are with our new rescue cases and all the serious medical demands we've been facing for both the newcomers and the old-timers in long-term care, this boy is weighing heavy on our hearts. It's been a head-spinner of a year so far. But he doesn't know that. He just needs help. And we just have to figure out how we can fit one more in the repair shop right now.


You know us. We have a tough time saying no to beagles with heartbreaking stories like his.


He was abandoned in a rental unit by his owner. The Landlord surrendered him to the shelter. He's guessed at about 12 years old. Name unknown. Whether he's ever seen the inside of a vet's office before is doubtful. This beagle has been severely neglected. First, his body condition. Described as emaciated. You can count all his ribs. His nails so long that they had curled into his paw pads. Covered in fleas. Significant hair loss. Dental disease with missing teeth. Enlarged prostate. Concerns of possible kidney failure or Addisons Disease or a gastrointestinal disease. Did I mention cataracts?


Yeah, this guy needs us. Is he going to be an easy case? Definitely not. Is he going to cost the moon? Of course he is. Would he be easy to foster? Probably not. Given the shape he's in, it's unlikely proper training was ever a priority. He does seem to like cats though and smaller female dogs, but he's wary of male dogs his size or bigger. It's unlikely he's ever had a playmate. Keep in mind, he's not yet neutered. But his medical issues require our focus first and foremost. We must get him to our vets for a full medical workup. But then, he's going to need to come HOME. He's going to need a peaceful, loving foster home and the gentle reassurance of someone special to help him cope as we sort through his health issues. That piece of the puzzle is as life-saving and crucial as his medical care.

It's times like these, we wish we could clone our wonderful foster parents.