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April 19, 2020 eblast:


Introducing…Ruby Tuesday Dream Feather!




How to Rescue a Beagle in the Middle of a Pandemic




Step #1:  Receive a heart-wrenching message like this from a rather distant animal shelter ---


"Good afternoon,


We have a young female beagle that came in as a stray, she was extremely nervous when she first arrived. We have been working with her trying to get her to come out of her shell.


She likes hanging out with us in the office and on our couch. We have seen no aggression at all. She is vocal at times. However all the dogs here are.


I am not sure if you are still in-taking dogs at this time or not, please let me know if you are able to help."



Step #2:  Dare to look at her picture, let out a sigh, and then do what you knew you were going to do the moment you got the message. Put aside all your worries for this little beagle repair shop and get to work.



Step #3:  Contact a Foster Mom with an empty nest who you know can offer this little one a peaceful, loving home and pray for the stars to align!



Step #4:  Jump up & down when Foster Mom with the empty nest reponds as follows:


"Yes! Yes! Yes!"



Step #5:  Respond back to the animal shelter as follows:


"Yes! Yes! Yes!"



Step #6:  Drive from Bowmanville to Brampton Animal Services in just one hour given there's virtually no traffic. Thank the good folks at Brampton Animal Shelter (at a safe 6 feet apart distance) while shelter staff pop frightened little girl into my passenger seat, along with medical history and food to last us long enough to choose a good diet moving forward and order it from one of our favourite pet stores struggling as much as we are in these strange times. Contact our incredible vets at Beaches Animal Hospital to give them the heads up on the "Newbie" so they can set up a file and we can take her in one beautiful day in the dreamy future when it's safe to do so.



Step #7:  Set the radio station to Sirius XM 'Spa' (the station my husband always rolls his eyes over) and speak softly to the scared little abandoned beagle curled up in a tight little ball next to me that the shelter named Tuesday. Chat to her all the way to Uxbridge where her foster mom anxiously awaits her arrival. Along the way, enjoying the scenic countryside unfolding, spot an equestrian training centre named Dream Feather! Decide to add that to Tuesday's name. Ponder the fact she has such flaming red fur on her beautiful face and decide to add Ruby to her name too. Announce it aloud --- Ruby Tuesday Dream Feather! Share a special moment with RTDF and fall in love without even knowing it, as I do every time.



Step #8:  Arrive at Ruby Tuesday Dream Feather's foster home nestled in a quiet pretty neighbourhood in Uxbridge. Arrive to an excited & delighted smiling foster mom, welcoming us both (from a safe 6 feet apart distance).



Step #9:  Introduce fearful beagle to nurturing foster mom in their lovely backyard overlooking an enchanting woods (while maintaining a safe 6 feet apart distance). Watch as beagle suddenly stops nervously inspecting yard with sad little tail tucked tightly between hind legs to look up at the lady with the smiling face, the lady speaking softly to her who is slowly crouching down to her level with outstretched hands. Watch, (at a safe 6 feet apart distance), as nervous little beagle puts one nervous little paw in front of the other until she is fully embraced by overjoyed foster mom. Until that tightly tucked tail starts to reveal itself in all its splendour. Feel that all too familiar tug at the heart.



Step #10:  Back home at my desk, share with YOU - our beautiful BOB Family, all about how to rescue a beagle in the middle of a pandemic.

And Thank YOU. Because Lord knows YOU are going through stuff too. You've always been there for us. We want to be there for you. We're hoping this little rescue story that you truly helped make possible brings a smile to your face. It sure has done that for us.