Rae aka Roxy!

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September 21, 2022:


Roxy aka Doodle-Bug



This has not been a good year. We've lost far too many beagles. We now sadly add Roxy to that number.


While it can be so hard to see a bright side at such a dark time in our history, there truly is a bright side when it comes to Roxy. Like there is for every beagle we've loved and lost. Because we had the good fortune to not only save them but to fill their lives with love and joy no matter how long or how short the time we were given to do that.


Happiness is in the moment, after all.


So when it comes to Roxy, these last 2 1/2 years have been an incredible gift.


If it were not for some very special people along the way, some of whom don't even know all the happiness they made possible, we would never have known this dear little girl who has now left a permanent mark on the hearts of all who knew and loved her.


If only we could thank the vet who refused to euthanize Roxy and her big brother Sox back in January 2020.

Their owners had split up. One got the kids. The other got the dogs. For a brief time, husband and dogs lived in a motel until the day the husband decided he couldn't manage their care anymore. That's when he brought them to a vet clinic to end their lives. They were 10 and 12 years old. They were healthy for the most part. And like most beagles, despite their age, they still had plenty of ants in their pants. They deserved so much more. Because of that vet, they had the chance to get what they deserved and then some.


We also thank the animal shelter where they wound up next. The compassionate shelter staff could see how precious the pair was and how much they needed a second chance at a lasting love. Thank you, Muskoka SPCA.


Here's where we get the proverbial shiver down our spine. Here's where the stars aligned.

How everything seemed as though it was meant to be.


BOB Forever Foster Beagle, Sylvia hailed from the Muskoka SPCA. She bounced her way into our arms back around Christmastime 2017. You'll be delighted to know she's still keeping her forever foster parents on their toes 5 years later.


Sylvia's foster mom, Leanne, kept her ties with the Muskoka shelter as a devoted volunteer.

When she met Sox & Roxy, she knew just who to call!


But would we be able to find a loving family ready and willing to open their arms to both beagles?


Well, as a matter of fact, we did.


Gary and Helen had been following our rescue work through social media for some time. They'd been thinking about reaching out to us over the years but hadn't been quite ready to take the plunge.


Until they saw these two.

That's when their hearts knew.

It was time.


So for the last 2 1/2 years, Roxy and Sox have turned their lives completely upside down and they could not be happier for it.


They've faced many challenges with these two, beginning with Roxy's extreme shyness and Sox's extreme exuberance about absolutely everything, not to mention plenty of health issues along the way. So many health issues, in fact, their vet clinic is their second home.

But they did it all for the love of these two. For the pure joy of these two.


Yesterday, they lost their precious Roxy. Their DoodleBug. Sox's little sidekick, although Roxy would insist she was always the boss.


Her downfall was likely due to cancer. We know she had a mass on her heart and she'd been struggling as of late.

There was nothing more we could do and so this little family that only became a family in these last 2 1/2 precious years of nature trail walks and cuddles on the couch said goodbye to their Roxy as though she had been a part of the family her entire life.


I know far too well what such loss feels like when you return home without that member of your family. My heart goes out to Gary, Helen and Sox now as they support one another during this sad time. I just want to whisper to them, "Remember all that light you brought into her life. It made up for everything that happened before you. She'll carry it with her now. Heaven is better because of it."


On Roxy's behalf, THANK YOU.


Please light a candle for Roxy tonight. And to her Family. Her Forever Family. 

March 3, 2020 - Rae (and Socrates) are doing wonderfully in their new foster home! We were so lucky to have found a wonderful couple to join our BOB Family as foster parents to these two! Rae recently underwent her spay, together with the removal of a few concerning mammary masses that were thankfully benign! Please keep her in your thoughts as she recovers from her procedure!

Jan 25, 2020 eblast:

This is one of those stories. The kind that shakes you to your core.


These two beagles, 10 and 11 years old, have lost all that they've ever known. Their owners split up. Suddenly, they were living in a motel with dad. But dad couldn't cope with their care. He decided to have them euthanized through a local vet. But the vet refused. Thank goodness for that. And so, where do two older beagles down on their luck go when they're no longer wanted? To a shelter, of course. But we have one thing to be grateful for. They went to a shelter with heart and determination. This shelter's staff could see the gems before them. Adorable, sweet beagles that have much more life to live.

They contacted us.

Together, we want to show them that they can still live happily everafter.


It is our sincere hope that we can find a loving foster family who will consider them both. They've been through so much. The last thing we want to do is separate them to face the uncertain future on their own. They need each other far too much right now.


We are calling out to our friends, our big BOB Family, our long-time supporters, our foster parents, to find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


If you think you might like to open your heart and home to Socrates and Rae, please do not hesitate to contact us at this email address.

We are only too happy to chat with you about these precious dogs.


In the meantime, we will be arranging their transport to our veterinary clinic for full medical care while they await that dream of a HOME.


They're waiting for you and so are we.