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Jan 17, 2020 - Astrid has been diagnosed with a hernia. She will have it repaired, along with her spay and a much needed dental, in March! Please keep her in your thoughts!

December 17, 2019 eblast:


Yesterday, I gathered up this wee little beagle from our friends at Toronto Animal Services. They had me at the name they gave her. Astrid. Scandinavian in origin, it means "divinely beautiful". If ever there was a more appropriate name…


Astrid is yet another beagle without a past. She was a 'stray'. No back story. We'll have to make that one up or maybe we just look forward with this postive-minded girl. No sense in looking back when the future holds so much more promise.


Astrid plans to use our repairing skills over the next little while. She's got a mouthful of rotting teeth. She'll need multiple extractions. It also looks like she's had her share of puppies. She'll need a spay. There's a mass low on her belly but we're hopeful it's nothing too serious. It may in fact be a hernia.


Despite her medical woes, our divinely beautiful girl never stops wagging her divinely beautiful tail!

She has the life force of a perky peppy puppy, even if she's guesstimated at around 8 years old. Most would be fooled about that.


Last night, Astrid watched one of our board members and her husband decorate their Christmas tree.

It may not be her permanent home but it's HOME for now because everyone knows…


HOME is where the heart is.