Greta GarBONE!

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January 17, 2020 eblast:



Greta officially joined the BOB family earlier this week!

We are delighted to have her, but we're also so desperate to see her medical struggles behind her once and for all.


You may recall Greta jumped out of a moving vehicle early last summer and fractured her leg in two places. At less than one year old at the time, her tender young bones were still growing. Ever since that fateful day, it has been a long and exhausting journey of complicated medical procedures to repair her badly broken leg. And it's not over yet.


With poor Greta, it has been one step forward - two steps back - all along the way. Today, she's back at the TVEH for another procedure. This time, she will have an external fixator attached to her leg to better stabilize it while it heals. We are so hopeful that this will be the last of the operations and she can finally become the happy-go-lucky, long-legged young beagle princess she deserves to be!


While we await the post-op call from the TVEH, we wanted to take this time to share Greta's official transfer to us from our friends at Toronto Animal Services. Greta has been a team effort since the beginning! We supplied the phenomenal foster support, and they covered the huge financial burden up until now. We cannot thank TAS enough for all they did on Greta's behalf, even knowing that we would eventually take over her care. Our thanks also extends to the incredible medical staff at TVEH who have gone above and beyond for this beautiful girl. They are determined to save her leg and we are so grateful for their focus and compassion and for doing all they can to keep the costs down for both TAS and now, for us.


The days ahead will be nail-biting to say the least. Infection is always a huge concern and she will likely look like Franken-Beagle with steel pins sticking out of her leg, but she's got a big fan base who are cheering her on. Of course, her biggest cheerleaders are her foster families! At the beginning, way back in summer, she initially had two foster mommies (Stephanie & Stephanie) who became affectionately known as "The Stephanies". They saw her through her first surgery and post-op care. They were fabulous! As things got increasingly more complicated for Greta, they realized they might not be able to manage her long-term care. That's when Bruce entered the picture! Bruce has been a long-time friend and supporter of BOB. He fostered and adopted Tess (formerly known as Emily) for us from 2012 until her passing in the spring of 2019. We're so glad his heart was ready for another and so is Greta. But The Stephanies are still a part of her family! They visit often to see their first ever BOB Foster Beagle.


And to YOU, our faithful friends. Where would we be without you?

Thank you for being there every step of the way. Or, in Greta's case (when she's all beta), every million mile a minute flight of the way!




July 3, 2019 eblast "Introducing our First Rescued Beagle of the Year!":


Teamwork made this happen and we're so happy to be part of the team that helped save Greta!


Only a couple weeks ago, this beautiful young girl found her way into the compassionate hands of our long-time friends at Toronto Animal Services.  Sadly, she had arrived at the shelter with a broken leg. The wonderful folks at TAS swung immediately into action. Greta was rushed to hospital where she received surgery to repair two fractures in her hind leg.


But now what?


She needed a loving and trusted foster home to manage the after-care and rehab. There will be re-checks with the surgeon and a spay surgery to follow once she's recovered from this operation.


When TAS reached out to us for her foster care, we knew we had the perfect spot for her. Our foster homes are full, but just before Woofstock, we met and approved a new Beagle-Sitting BOBATEER! Stephanie and her partner, including their lovely dog Brier, saved the day!


Greta is doing well despite all the challenges in keeping a young pup quiet after a big surgery. She's over the moon with every new dog or person she meets! She also has a thing for the flowers in the back garden having eaten one given how pretty it looked! Luckily, she's stopped at one. I guess it looked better than it tasted. So much for puppy salad. But who can blame a curious young girl at less than 2 years old?! There's bound to be some degree of puppy mischief!


Despite the mischief, Greta is a sweetheart and Stephanie & family are doing a fine job getting her to follow doctor's orders.

Please send positive thoughts to our dear little patient!


Big thanks to TAS for helping Greta first and entrusting us with her recovery!

We're thrilled to have her at the Beagle Repair Shop!


Rest assured, we'll keep you posted on Greta's progress!