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Excerpt from June 25, 2020 eblast:

Norman is HOME, reunited with his favourite gnome. We've got high hopes, thanks to the surgery you made possible, that he'll have many more happy years ahead with that gnome and with his FAMILY - a family that includes all of you.


Excerpt from e-blast dated June 5, 2020:

As many of you already know from our recent FB posts, Norman met with an oncologist at TVEH earlier this week. He underwent further xrays and an ultrasound to determine whether his thyroid carcinoma is operable. The oncologist believes it is. But you know these procedures cost money. And this year already has been unprecedented, for lack of a better word. We've already gone over what we incurred in veterinary costs for the entire year of 2019 and it's only the start of June. Add a pandemic to the mix and we're scared. Not gonna lie about that. But we are ALL going through our share of challenges, aren't we? We are not alone in this upside down world. And this is exactly why we are in awe of YOU. Take a look at our "We'll HOWL Again" campaign so far. We're over halfway there to our goal of $20,000! It's a miracle! And just imagine if we were to win the $20,000 Canada Helps Great Canadian Challenge on top of that. Oh, the beagles we could save.

There's a Place for Us. Right here. Right now. We're not going anywhere. Thanks to YOU.


November 14, 2018 eblast:


There are times in everyone's life when we think…this didn't just happen…this was meant to happen.


Mysteries of the universe, you might say.



The events leading up to this day seem to me now like stars coming together in a perfect line across the sky.


At least that's what my heart tells me.



It was less than a week ago that we said goodbye to Little Mac. It was a very difficult goodbye. And so we've all been working hard on slowly mending our broken hearts ever since, knowing full well it's gonna take a long time for us to mend. And then I got this email from a friend in Rescue. It was from Lorraine at Speaking of Dogs. Lorraine, the gal who got me started in this wonderful world of dog rescue. My mentor. We also share a crazy love for ancient dogs, the older the better.


 Lorraine wanted to know if we could take in a little 10-year-old beagle named Norman.



She had me at the name…Norman.


 Lorraine had taken him into their Rescue several weeks ago and he was settling in so very nicely with his fabulous foster family until something tragic and unforeseen happened for this family. Foster mom's elderly father has become seriously ill. She has to fly out of province to be there for him and she has no idea how long she'll be gone. What was she to do with sweet Norman? With foster homes full, Lorraine thought of us.



But our foster homes are full too…except…


Yes, there are times in everyone's life when we think…this didn't just happen. This was meant to happen. Maybe Little Mac sent Norman. Mysteries of the Universe. All I know for certain is that Norman got lucky twice. First with his beautiful foster family at Speaking of Dogs and now, with his new foster family at Big On Beagles…Little Mac's family.



Our sincere thanks to Lorraine at Speaking of Dogs Rescue for entrusting us with Norman's care. We won't let you down, Lorraine.

We already love him to the moon and back.



Our thanks also goes out to Colleen for all she's done for Norman. We wish her the best at this difficult time.

And we hope that knowing Norman is safe and loved with us will bring her comfort.



Deanna, you know how we feel about you. How you stretch your heart far and wide for the love of these dear little souls.

You are more special than words can describe.



And to Norman - you are indeed a very lucky little beagle. Not just one but two Rescue Groups looking out for you every step of the way.


But of course, Deanna and the rest of our gang at this beagle repair shop along with your friends at Speaking of Dogs would insist…


we're the lucky ones.