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April 6, 2018 eblast:



We're On Our Way, Haley-Grace…




You might think that after all these years of running a Rescue, we would have grown a thicker skin by now.


We've seen the worst side of humans time and time again. We see it in the eyes of all the abandoned beagles that wind up at our door.


We should be used to it by now.


But we're not.


If anything, it seems to hurt more.


Were it not for good people like you, we'd never survive stories like this.



Our latest heartache is the beagle pictured here. We've named her Haley-Grace.


If you look closely at the ground in front of her, you'll see an uneaten biscuit. It was the biscuit that did me in. Well that…and her story. But the fact that a beagle could ignore food (especially a cookie) had me in tears. There's only one thing more important to a beagle than food and that's love. She didn't want that biscuit. All she wanted was her family back. She doesn't know or understand why they left her at this animal shelter after almost 13 years together. But we know why. That's only because her owners answered the question in the Surrender Form they were asked to fill out.


You see, they're planning on a lot of travelling in the future, visiting family, etc. It only made sense to drop their 12 years, 8 months & 19 days old beagle (complete with significant heart murmur, inflammed eye, possible Cushings, and suspected hernia) off at the local shelter so they could get on with their plans.


How does anybody do that?



We never get used to this. I suppose we never should.