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Dec 4, 2017 PUPDATE!

We did find a wonderful foster home for Bridget! She's doing great and looking forward to the HOWLidays with her Foster Family! 

October 16, 2017 (an excerpt from Bridget Bones' Diary)




It all began earlier this month…


in my tenth something year…


Ten something and suddenly single!




It is with incredible sadness I find myself on my own…and living in an animal shelter.


Every day, the staff try to cheer me up…but nothing compares to HOME…


I fear this will be the end of my life's journey.


My health is somewhat questionnable - I've got a funny walk.


But I'm sure it's nothing a good handsome doctor couldn't spruce up!


And yet, nobody from my past has come to claim me.


And I'm not exactly a prize candidate for the adoption room in the rough shape I'm in.


Nobody wants a ten something year old beagle with a wonky walk, bad teeth, and a few unsightly growths…


no matter how sweet and lovely I am and how well I get on with other dogs.




I have all but lost faith in humanity.


Wretched world!




But I've been hearing rumours from the staff about some bloke named BOB???


Apparently, BOB might just be my Knight in Shining Armour!!!


Dare I dream too big???






Until my next entry…


All My Love to ME,




Bridget Bones












Yes indeed, Bridget! We want to be your Knight in Shining Armour!


We just need to find you a Foster Home! And then, you'll fill your Diary with Happy Entries for years to come!






If we can secure a loving foster home, we'll get Bridget to our vets right away!


Please don't hesitate to make an inquiry. All inquiries will be carefully considered.