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October 5, 2017



His registered name is "Lost Boy Fred". But he's not lost. He's been abandoned. And now, he's alone in a shelter.


Awaiting his fate.


Freddie doesn't deserve this.


 The email from our friends at the shelter went like this…

"We have a very sweet 10 + year old, male Beagle. 

He has a microchip, but it traces back to the original owner who said he gave him away years ago. He doesn't want him anymore.

The poor old guy has a lot of medical issues, including some teeth that need removing and a mass that needs testing and at least a Grade Level 3 Heart murmur. Since his arrival, he's had an episode of collapsing while on a walk which may have been a combination of the heat and his heart. He needs a cardio workup asap. He is such a sweetheart!  He is so happy, always wagging his tail.  He loves toys and loves attention- pats, rubs, etc.  He loves treats and will sit and take them gently. Unfortunately, we are at capacity here and can only hold him until October 10th. Can you take him? We have no other options."



The shelter is counting on us. Freddie is counting on us. And we're counting on you.


We need to find sweet Freddie a loving foster home that he can go to after we complete his extensive medical care.


We'll worry about the financing later. But we do have to be certain about the foster home before we can come to his rescue. Thanks to you - our amazing supporters, we seem to find the money to keep us going even at the most critical times but finding wonderful foster parents can be a much tougher thing. That's why the foster parents we do have mean so much to us. But they're full to capacity and so we must cast our net once again in the hope of a Thanksgiving miracle.


The staff say Freddie is every bit a gentleman around other dogs, stopping long enough to say hello and then off to follow his nose.


He just needs his faith restored in us humans. And then maybe Freddie will have good reason to give thanks this Thanksgiving. Right along with his rescuers…


***If you think YOU could offer Freddie a Home Sweet Home following Thanksgiving Weekend, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're hoping to confirm his rescue BEFORE the long weekend is upon us because oh, what a Thanksgiving it will be if we do!!!