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August 21, 2017


Well, so much for our crossed paws. As it turns out, poor Boone has a severe heart murmur and although he is not in heart failure, he does need to be on heart medication for life (Vetmedin & Fortekor). Boone has become yet another costly case for our little beagle repair shop. After seeing our vets at Beaches Animal Hospital, we had to take him to the Veterinary Emergency Clinic downtown to have a full assessment by a Cardiologist. That's where we got the news about the heart medication. But at least he could proceed with his neuter operation which will help to protect him against other health risks down the road. Boone is doing wonderfully post-op and enjoying his new foster home! He's especially fond of his one beagle house-mate, Molson! He likes his other beagle mates too, BOB beagles Pencil and Patrick! He also enjoys the resident kitties! We're very glad we were able to take on Boone and ensure he receives the medical care he needs moving forward. But the financial blow to our funding has been tough. We're currently working on a Sponsorship Program to help cover ongoing costs for beagles like Boone. Stay tuned!

July 27, 2017 eblast

 Then Along Came Boone...


How could we say no?



As you know, our funding is at a critical level after several medical emergencies. We were going to lay low for a while and focus on some fundraising initiatives.

But then along came BOONE.


The Niagara Falls Humane Society sent us a message…


We have a senior stray beagle that came in to our shelter last week. Since he is a senior it is hard for us to find him a home. They usually just stick around the shelter for months and months. Its so sad. This guy is super friendly and active. His teeth are yellow but minimal tartar build up. He has the starting of cataracts but still can see fine. He loves to eat treats and will sit and shake a paw for them. If your rescue can help out by taking him in that would be greatly appreciated.



I'll never understand why the average adopter could ever overlook a senior. Especially a senior beagle! They almost always refuse to get old!


And so we bundled up the little cutie this morning (Big Thanks to Maxwell Smarty-Pants' daddy for doing the driving!) and delivered him to our vets in the Beach to undergo some bloodwork and his neuter tomorrow. Paws crossed, he'll be one of the lucky 10 Plussers with no serious health issues and a whole lotta love to give somebody out there!