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July 20, 2017 eblast


The first time in BOB history for this to happen!!!


With the arrival of Clara-Bow & Lionel (still looking for a foster home, by the way), followed by the rescue of Maybelline (now settling into her foster home after her spay/dental surgery), and not to mention Mickey's emergency surgery to remove one kidney due to a malignant tumour, and now BOB Grad Bentley's emergency surgery to remove his spleen due to a highly likely malignant tumour, and of course our funding at an all-time critical LOW ---- we hardly needed to take on another dog.


But we did.


Our friends at Sit With Me Rescue up in Ottawa are overwhelmed with dogs in need too right now. They do a lot of rescuing from Quebec pounds. That's where they saw this dear old beagle. They couldn't manage another, but they didn't want to leave her behind.


Maybe we could take her?


They described HER as a chubby bunny sweet honey!

She also had some concerning scars on her feet possibly caused by burns or some other type of trauma.


The funding may be fleeting at the moment, but our hearts are not and we had someone who could foster! They'd offered to take Maybelline but with Maybelline now spoken for, we proposed this dear old girl. Foster mom is none other than our Cake Lady! She whips up a cake for us every year for our Beagle BASH! She and her husband also fostered and adopted BOB Grad Kevin, among other past beagle babies. And since Foster mom is Greek, we thought it might be cute to name our latest rescue case…TOULA after the bride in My Big Fat Greek Wedding!


And so, without further adieu, we made arrangements for her rescue transport from Quebec yesterday!

Thanks to a couple lovely volunteers from Freedom Rescue Transport, Toula arrived at a drop off location in Pickering last night where we gathered her up!


But as it turned out, they made a wee bit of a mistake. It became evident when we offered Toula a tinkle break before the last leg of her journey to our vets. Either Toula had a sex change en route, OR somebody forgot to look under the hood!


Toula is actually a BOY!!!


And so that's how Toula has become TOULOW --- after the Jay's baseball player, Toulowitzki!


Toulow is currently undergoing his medical work-up at BEACHES ANIMAL HOSPITAL so stay tuned on his progress. We do have some worries but hopefully, they can be resolved with the best veterinary care our wonderful team of vets can provide him! In the meantime, we're working on ways we can raise more funds to keep our doors open for the next ball player that needs our help!