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July 13, 2017 eblast


Your little Beagle Repair Shop has been mighty busy lately.


It's been raining beagles and there's no sign of stopping.


Just as we've been setting up temporary lodging for Clara-Bow & Lionel until a Foster Family can be found for them (Stay Tuned for a Happy Health Update on the Dynamic Duo!), we received yet another request for help.


For Maybelline.



You might have seen her on our Facebook page.


Her heartwrenching video has received over 34,000 views.


There's just something about Maybelline.




The email came in from Toronto Animal Services just one week ago. She came into the shelter as a stray. A tiny beagle with the biggest most worried brown eyes you'd ever seen. They named her Maybelline and did their best to stop her from shaking. Maybelline is heartbreakingly terrified. And so they contacted us. We've had some success with terrified beagles, haven't we? There was Elton and Bentley to name a couple, and now Maybelline. We didn't have a spot for her straight away but we knew we had to try.




One post on Facebook and the response to foster Maybelline has been astronomical.




We want to thank everyone who reached out to offer their home and heart to Maybelline. We do hope that this incredible response will not only yield a loving spot for this sweet little beagle but more committed foster homes for our Rescue!




Rest assured, Maybelline is now out of the shelter and in good and loving hands. She's been placed temporarily with a close friend of our Rescue until she has her spay and dental surgery. Following that, we have our sights set on a very special long-term foster home so stay tuned for that announcement. And for the rest of you who reached out to us for Maybelline, we do hope you will consider sticking around for the next Maybelline that makes her way to us. The more foster parents we have in our corner, the more beagles we can save.