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October 12, 2016 

We are delighted to announce the Adoption of Bunny (now Mabel)! Congratulations to Gary & Bonnie! It's a GIRL!!! 

September 27, 2016

It's HOPPILY EVER AFTER for our Bunny!!!

Bunny hopped her way into the loving arms of her new family at the end of Summer! Congratulations, Gary and Bonnie! It's a GIRL! And her new name (so not to be confused with her new mommy) is now Mabel!!!   (  ;


June 15, 2016 It's been a while since we've had a chance to update you on sweet Bunny! Between the Woofstock and Slobberfest fundraising events and the arrival of two more beagles, we've been hopping like the Easter Bunny...But our Bunny has been hopping too! She's now had her TPLO surgery and recovering nicely, thanks to a wonderful foster mom who actually moved her bed downstairs to keep Bunny company while she heals. Now that's a doting foster mom! We'll keep you posted on her progress! Before too long, she'll be ready to find her Forever Home!!!  

May 10, 2016 posting on our FB page:


You may recall us mentioning a beagle making her way to our beagle repair shop back around Easter! We aptly named her Bunny! Here's a little pupdate on our big girl!

Bunny came in as a stray to an animal shelter in Quebec. After not being claimed, her time was almost out. But an Ottawa-based rescue discovered her just in the nick of time and immediately contacted us. They had concerns for Bunny. She was grossly overweight and sporting a significant limp. We took our chances. ...As it turns out Bunny will require costly surgery for a blown cruciate ligament (WOOFSTOCK's Scavenger Hunt & our 3rd Annual BEAGLE WIGGLE WALKATHON couldn't be coming at a better time to help us with all these vet bills!).

But before Bunny's can have her surgery, she needs to lose some weight! Despite these adorable pics of her lounging in style in her foster home (and the fact she recently stole a half dozen Girl Guide cookies!), her foster mom is actually doing wonders already with her weight-loss reduction program! She's slowly and gradually losing the pounds while enjoying a wonderful foster home! As you can see, she's having a lovely time!

HUGE thanks go out to SIT WITH ME Rescue for saving Bunny first and for all their assistance with her medical needs AND providing her foster home in Ottawa! We feel so fortunate and grateful to Louise - Bunny's fab foster mom - who is a volunteer for SIT WITH ME Rescue and who not only offered temporary lodging for Bunny after she was pulled from the Quebec shelter, but who has now kindly agreed to be Bunny's foster mom for BIG ON BEAGLES for as long as she needs. We can't take credit for that. It's all Bunny's doing! Beagles have such a way of casting their spell on us! 


March 31, 2016 eblast:



On the Easter weekend, we received an email from our friends at Sit With Me Rescue based in Ottawa. They work tirelessly at saving dogs out of Quebec shelters, taking them into their rescue when they can and connecting with fellow rescue groups including breed-specific rescue groups when they're full.


          Their hearts skipped a beat the moment they came across this chubby little bunny pictured here. She was sweeter than an Easter bunny and probably no more than 3 years old. She'd come in as a stray. Someone had to be missing her. Surely, she would be claimed by her owner. But that never happened. By their second visit to the shelter, her health appeared to be worsening in the unhappy environment. They noted she had much trouble walking (perhaps due to being overweight or the result of an unknown injury left untreated) and there was her stressed heavy breathing that just broke their hearts. She was losing hope. It was in her eyes.


          The shelter is under renovations, space is limited, and time is always short for the discarded pets that wind up here. And now, her claim period had come to an end and things were looking grim. They knew they had to try. And so, they sent us the email that would bring hope back to Bunny. That's the name we decided on, for obvious reasons.


          Bunny is in a temporary foster home through Sit With Me Rescue in Ottawa until we make arrangements for her to come here to our waiting arms in Toronto. And we're hearing nothing but wonderful things about her. Social but not pushy, gets along just fine with the other dogs (wants to play but too heavy to do so), no accidents, and quiet as a church mouse except for that heartbreaking laboured breathing. She will also gladly follow you wherever you may go, at least until her legs give out and she has to rest.


          Upon her much anticipated arrival, she'll need a thorough examination by our veterinarians no doubt including extensive bloodwork/xrays/ultrasound to determine the cause of her troubles. She may even need to see a specialist. This is always the nerve-racking part. Veterinary costs could soar if surgery is required. And only until we determine her health issues can we embark upon a search for the right foster home…another nerve-racker considering we're quite full at this time.


          But we are committed to doing all we can for Bunny. After all, look at that face. Who could deny her?