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March 24, 2015:

 Our little Rainbow, aka Bo, had her major dental surgery yesterday and all went well! She had 21 yucky teeth removed, but she still has enough left to make a smile! Once healed, she's going to feel a whole lot better!  

Feb 17, 2015:

We have encouraging news! Chest xrays came back with no evidence of tumours on the lungs so we can proceed with surgery to remove the mammary mass and spay little Rainbow this coming Thursday! Following this procedure, she'll have time to heal in her foster home and then, she'll need to return to the operating room for a majory dentistry. Please send positive thoughts Rainbow's way!

               Feb 10, 2015 eblast:


 We had quite a pot of gold back in January.

             Our 9th Annual BEAGLE BASH FOR CASH in November was a huge success, not to mention all the howliday gifts that came pouring in right up until the end of the year! Thanks to so many of you, we were sitting on a gold mine! But we didn't get to sit on it for very long before it was needed.

             Pencil had his elbow dysplasia operation after the BASH and then Rosebud came along just before Christmas with a mouthful of rotting teeth. And then Elton arrived on our doorstep in January after his rescue from an old deserted barn north of Toronto.

             And then came Zack. We were pretty scared about that one. Hope was just going in for her surgery at the VEC to remove a tumour on her adrenal gland and on her spleen to the tune of $4,500. We also got the news from Sheba's Haven that little Jude had been rushed to the vet only to learn his hernia had recurred. He will need a second operation to correct it, but not until we have his heart under control. Not only does our little redhead have high blood pressure, but an ultrasound revealed his heart has enlarged since his last ultrasound. We've now had to add more drugs to his daily regime. But he's not complaining. Only us…as we watch our pot of gold get smaller and smaller.

             With Zack, we knew the costs could be anywhere between $5K-$10K depending on the severity of his injuries after being hit by a car and surrendered to a shelter by his owner. We took a chance. How could we not with a face like Zack's staring up at us from the computer screen? And we're so glad we did. He's a little dumpling! Best of all, a CT Scan (just under $2K) taken by a wonderful neurologist in Quebec with a big heart for rescue groups, revealed it would not be necessary to operate - at least not right now and hopefully not ever. There is much hope that with time, plenty of cage rest, and physiotherapy - little Zack and his back will be just fine.


            But we just couldn't stop at Zack. Not when we saw this face. The face of a 10+ year old skinny little beagle girl losing all hope in a shelter in Gatineau, Quebec. There is no doubt she will be costly. She has a mammary tumour that must be removed. She has a heart murmur that requires more investigation through chest x-rays. She has a mouth full of decaying teeth that need yanking. And she's absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Just like Zack. Just like Elton. Just like Rosebud. Just like every beagle that comes to us for extensive repair work.


            Funny thing about rainbows. They appear after a rain. They light up the world again despite the mud puddles. And as if that wasn't enough, they always point to a pot of gold. Just when we think there are no more coins left in our pot, a Rainbow brings more.



Thank you for keeping our pot of gold full. It comes in handy when the rain sets in.


To those of you who contributed to Zack's costs - thank you so much for helping us save him and then some! The additional funding we raised for Zack will be going towards Hope's big bill.


To our Monthly Supporters - you are the ones that ensure our pot of gold never empties.

You are the constant rainbow in our life.


And for those of you who would like to toss a coin in our pot now with a single donation or by becoming a Monthly BOBefactor…all for the love of Rainbows,

just visit our Home Page and click on our Canada Helps "Donate Now" button

and know how much we appreciate you!


Excerpt from Feb 4, 2015 eblast:


We just got a call about this little girl. Guessed around 10 years old, abandoned by her owner, doing time in a shelter far away, sporting a very suspicious (expensive) lump on her belly.


RAIN, RAIN, and more RAIN.


But we're going to take a beagle's attitude about all this rain.


And we'll start by naming this little beagle…Rainbow.