Flavio! (Foster Home Needed - Urgent!)

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June 25, 2018


Our apologies for the delay in updating Flavio's status. We've been focussed on a few medical emergencies with our beagles at this time. While we were working on finding the right foster home for Flavio, another rescue group was in a position to take him into its care. Flavio was transferred to TEAM DOG RESCUE and placed in a foster home through this group. To learn more about Flavio, please contact this Rescue.

Even if Flavio is spoken for, there are so many other beagles looking for loving placements so please don't hesitate to send in a completed Adoption or Foster Application to us. We are always looking for wonderful folks to bring love back to deserving beagles just like Flavio!!! 


May 11, 2018:

We are still desperately looking for a foster placement for sweet Flavio. He is still in the care of an animal shelter. The shelter staff doesn't want to give up on him and neither do we. They are as hopeful as we are that we find a loving foster home for Flavio sooner than later. He's starting to show signs of depression at the shelter. He needs to come HOME. The article below will soon be published in the Beach Metro News community newspaper. We hope it will inspire someone to step up for this special boy...





To be published in the May 2018 issue of BEACH METRO COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER


Anything for Love! We get that. Heck, Meatloaf wrote a song about it. When we fall head over heels, we can somersault all the way to the moon and back without hesitation! No convincing necessary!



But for the dog waiting in a shelter, finding someone to love them beyond measure isn’t always easy. The competition can be fierce. If a dog hopes to win the love of visitors in the Adoption Room, it certainly helps to possess a pawsome talent or heart-melting face or the voice of an angel! It is one serious canine idol competition on the inside! If you don’t stand out head, nose and tail above the rest, love might pass you by.



That’s where the rescue groups come in. The agents for the underdog! When a shelter dog unlucky in love is lucky enough to have a rescue group swoop in like Meatloaf on his motorcycle, then that dog suddenly has a leg up…so to speak.


 Flavio really needs a leg up, figuratively and literally. Sure, he’s got a face that can melt hearts, but he’s also got a health issue that’s melting away his chances at finding a forever love. It’s a manageable condition but don’t forget the stiff competition in an animal shelter.


Flavio has been diagnosed with Cystine Crystalluria. It sounds kind of pretty, but it’s not. In short, he’s prone to forming painful kidney stones. Flavio will need to be on a special diet for the remainder of his life to help combat the condition. He should also be given plenty of water to drink throughout the day so he gets a literal leg up more frequently. This way, he’s effectively flushing out any crystals before they have time to form stones. If stones do develop, they have to be either hydro-pulsed out or removed surgically. Neither procedure would be fun for Flavio. It’s recommended that dogs with this condition go to the vet every six months for a urinalysis and every year, for bloodwork. On rare occasions, Cystine Crystals can be associated with heart concerns, hence the annual check-up.


Sort of takes the romance out of things a bit, I suppose, but Flavio is a diamond in the ruff…no reference to crystals intended. He really does shine like a diamond with the potential to light up the world if someone would give him the chance. Flavio loves people and all the adoration people have it in them to lavish upon a shining star like him. He also loves other dogs. Thanks to a fenced in yard at the shelter, Flavio has the opportunity for regular play dates with other adoption hopefuls and that boy can play for hours! He’s got the energy of a puppy but not the crazy. At 3-years-old, Flavio has struck the perfect balance of playful and peaceful. He can go from hoots & hollers with his dog-mates to pillow talk with you in a heartbeat because nothing quite compares to cuddle-time with a doting human. And so it is our mission at Big On Beagles Rescue to find Flavio someone who will gladly share their pillow with a boy howl-bent on being the love of your life.


At the time of writing this article, our foster homes were full. Flavio and his caregivers at the shelter were still anxiously waiting for us to come up with a miracle. Hopefully, by the time you read this article, young Flavio will be home with us marking the beginning of the rest of his life. If we have anything to say about it, (*perhaps even with your help should you wish to inquire about adoption!), that life will be a long and happy one!



It takes a mighty effort to buff up diamonds like Flavio, but the veterinary expense and specialized care is so worth it in the end. Take it from us and all the other wonderful rescue groups within our community.


Speaking of those groovy dog rescue groups, we’re coming together for a BIG LOVE-IN at Woodbine Park on the last weekend of this month! WOOFSTOCK is celebrating its 15th year as THE biggest outdoor dog event in North America! There’s a throwback theme this year too! Call it an homage to Sixties Woodstock, baby! So get out your bell bottoms & psychedelic tees and join us! It’s going to be Outta Sight! 



Just like Flavio. He’s totally outta sight…but never out of mind. We’re not giving up on him. There’s no question he’s got the “it” factor. His caregivers at the shelter say he just prefers to be subtle about it. First, he starts with “the Look” followed by the soft paw tap on the knee. And then he takes it home by nestling his head on your lap, looking up at you with those sweet baby browns all the while. He’d stay there for eternity if you asked him to. You see, Flavio would do anything for love.




Flavio is a 3-year-old beagle who would definitely do anything for love! He’s currently in the loving care of an animal shelter east of Toronto. Big On Beagles (BOB) Rescue is working on finding him a foster home and then a forever home…nudge, nudge, wink, wink! BOB is also preparing for WOOFSTOCK together with 14 other dynamic dog rescue groups that dearly appreciate your support! To learn more about Flavio and BOB’s foster & adoption programs, visit; to get all the groovy details on WOOFSTOCK’s 15th Anniversary Love-In at Woodbine Park on May 26 & 27, visit!




 *excerpt from May 1, 2018 eblast:


You've already met Flavio. But sadly, we've had no inquiries to foster poor Flavio so far. Just to re-cap his story --- he's 3-years-old with a medical condition known has Cysteine Crystalluria which means he's prone to kidney stones so he has to be on a special diet thru the vet to help control the issue. He also needs to flush out his kidneys more frequently than the average dog so he needs someone home more often to let him out for Tinkle Times. Someone who works from home perhaps, or works P/T. He's a sweet boy that is timid at first but warms up quickly. He likes other dogs but might be a wee bit fearful of cats.


April 28, 2018 eblast:


 He's young. He's beautiful. And he needs us.



Earlier this week, we received an email from the shelter Flavio is currently calling home. He's been there since 2017.

 An awfully long time to spend in a shelter when you're a bright-eyed three-year-old.

 At first, his fans at the shelter described him as very timid. Who can blame him considering the sad situation he was in? But he's come a long way since his arrival thanks to all the love and encouragement he receives from the shelter staff.

 So sweet and easy-going. So full of life. So sparkly and bright. He deserves the chance to light up the world.


But nobody wants the baggage that comes with Flavio.


He's got a medical condition, not that it's slowing him down any. Flavio has been diagnosed with Cysteine Crystalluria. In short, his body is prone to forming painful kidney stones. What does it mean? It means Flavio needs to be on a special urinary diet for the remainder of his life. Ideally, he should be given excess water to dilute his urine so that he tinkles more frequently. By using that strategy, the crystals won't have time to form stones as they are flushed out quickly. If stones do develop, they will have to be either hydropulsed out or removed surgically. Neither procedure would be fun for Flavio.


Flavio will need a urinalysis done every 6 months and annual bloodwork.


On rare occasions, Cysteine Crystals can be associated with heart concerns, hence the annual bloodwork.


This is a manageable condition if the caregiver is willing and we are very willing.


We just need an equally willing foster family. Flavio cannot be holding it for a regular work day so he will obviously need someone home more often than not in order to get out for frequent tinkles. Like your average young beagle, Flavio is eager to make new dog friends and is anxiously awaiting a life of adventure. His caregivers at the shelter will be testing him around cats for us as well although they have a hunch he'd think they were aliens from another planet and run away from them. His puppylike curiosity only extends so far!


If YOU think you could be the right family for Flavio, please don't hesitate to contact us by email. We'd especially love to hear from someone we already know who can give us the peace of mind that comes with knowing he's with someone prepared to do all they can to help him maintain a stone-free life.


Of course, we're always delighted to meet new loving foster candidates for precious beagles like Flavio!


One way or another, Flavio is going to light up this world!