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Click HERE to view our exclusive interview with!


Special Anouncement for our BEAGLE BASH FOR CASH!!!


Introducing our Special Guest at this year's BEAGLE BASH!!! 



Angel Morgan!!!

Dynamic and globally renowned psychic, media personality and motivator!



After WOWing the crowds at the Pet Expo, Angel Morgan is super excited about HOUNDing it up at our Big Event!


We're thrilled to offer our party guests such an amazing opportunity!




We have 40 Tickets that are sure to sell out FAST for a Special Group Reading

by the Amazing Angel Morgan

From Noon - 1pm on the 2nd floor of our Party Room at PAWSway on Sunday, Nov 6th!


You are more than welcome to be accompanied by your dog(s) for this fun and enlightening Experience of a Lifetime!


Following that, the BEAGLE BASH FOR CASH festivities will begin at 1pm!

And guess what?!!!

Angel Morgan will be sticking around for the entire event to offer Personal Readings!!!

She'll be set up right on the Main Floor where all the action is!

Nothing distracts her from her special work and it's ALL FOR YOU!


 A little bit about Angel…


Angel's ability to be a media darling sets her apart from the rest. Quirky, fun and fully comfortable in front of live audiences, she captures the hearts of young and old alike.

Angel’s hangout time once a month at Newstalk 1010 “The Night Side” with Barb Digiulio is a highlight for many of the wonderful fans who listen to the station! If they can’t catch her there then they can listen to her at on Stoufville’s Whistleradio 102.9fm every last Thursday night of the month @8pm!
She works globally in her chosen profession, and with a background in media for over 20 years. Angel has a natural affection towards being in front of audiences. Audiences have seen her as the official Animal Communicator at the Canadian Pet Expo and last October at the Old Mill in Toronto where she won the hearts of all who attended with her ability and quirky, fun personality as she took the stage for “Angel Morgan Live!”
She is currently in the process of producing and hosting her new animal adventure show which will air in 2017! Stay tuned!
Angel’s ability to communicate with animals has enabled her to connect deeply with the animal kingdom and teach others to do the same. Her passion and excitement for this work is clear when animals “speak their truths” openly and clients are able to validate their experiences with her. She not only works with pets and wildlife, but also with animal totems. These are spirit guides in animal form that help us understand more deeply who we are, what our purpose is on this earth walk and how to get there.
What makes Angel different..... Angel has been trained by Peruvian and African medicine people. She has travelled all over the world to understand and deepen her unique abilities. Unlike any other intuitive, Angel combines what we see as magic with everyday reality to make the world of the unknown, mystical and strange become acceptable and fun to all she encounters!,








at our 11th Annual BEAGLE BASH FOR CASH!


Time: 12Noon - 1pm

Tickets: $40 each


*Special Early Bird Rate:  $35

(Deadline for Early Bird Rate EXTENDED!!! - Until October 21st at Midnight)


*a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these tickets will be donated back to BIG ON BEAGLES!)


Payment by Paypal

(Click Link Below!)


(When making payment, indicate "Group Reading" under Description)

Donate directly to Big On Beagles using PayPal!


Mr. October! 



Devoted Human Servant: Gail  


***We thought Willy Nelson perfectly captures the excitement in the air as we prepare for our 11th Annual BEAGLE BASH FOR CASH on Nov 6th! 


All About Willy... 


I got a call from Kingston Humane Society several years ago asking me if I would be interested in fostering a beagle by the name of Willy Nelson. At the time, we had a foxhound named Cricket that we had adopted from KHS. Prior to that, I had adopted a 14 year old beagle named Mr Pickles! He had an enlarged heart and had been chained to a dog house for his entire life. We had Pickles living a chain-free life for 2 years & 7 months! He was a kind soul.

But back to Willy! We took Cricket to meet Willy. Willy seemed so happy to get away from the stress of shelter life and took immediately to his older brother. Cricket knew we were trying to help Willy. We brought Willy home and were to foster him until a spot opened up for him in private rescue. He didn't have to wait because we fell madly in love and kept him! We had no idea how old he was but guessed around 7. He's now around 12! He is so smart, full of love and has connected to his newly adopted sister, Tess! Cricket went to the Rainbow Bridge last July. Tess and Willy are so bonded and really take care of each other. They lick each others' heads and clean each others' ears. We love them both dearly! 




It's hard to believe we're well over halfway through 2016! We've saved many beagles already this year --- thanks to YOU! Your support makes it possible for us to keep reaching out to beagles requiring expensive, live-saving surgeries. The more money we raise, the more beagles we can save. It's that simple and that's why it's never too late to lend your support. We're asked to come to the rescue of abandoned beagles on a daily basis. Please help us continue to reach out to beagles in need for the rest of 2016 and beyond. You can make a gift to our beagles for yourself or in honour of a loved one. We'll send them a card on your behalf so they know the impact you've made in their name. You'll be making twice the difference for that special someone AND for a rescued beagle!


Wanna make a difference ALL year long? Join our family of Monthly BOBefactors by setting up a Monthly Gift for our Homeless Howlers!

Your monthly gift of $10 or more really can make a difference for our beagles in hearbeat at a time!


On behalf of our beagle babies, THANK YOU and best wishes for good health and happiness throughout 2016!


Donate Now Through!

Donate directly to Big On Beagles using PayPal!

Raising the funds to support our important work is crucial but without loving foster homes, our work would be impossible to perform. Please consider joining our family TODAY! We need MORE FOSTER PARENTS!!! Don't wait another minute! Send us YOUR Foster Application TODAY!!!



Big On Beagles (BOB) Rescue is a privately run registered charity committed to the rescue of beagles in need.

Donate Now Through!

Please help us continue to put the wag back into the tails of beagles in need by making a donation TODAY! Just click on our Canada Helps button above to make a secure on-line tax-deductible gift to our homeless howlers! THANK YOU!


Donate directly to Big On Beagles using PayPal!