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Howling it from the mountaintops in our hearts…





Wanna know what you did that makes us love you so much?

You came to our 9th Annual BEAGLE BASH FOR CASH!



And you helped us raise…


close to $5,000 for our homeless howlers!!!




On behalf of Pencil (booking his surgery with the money in our pockets), Jude (receiving his heart meds every month), Wulfie (due for some bloodwork in December), our perma foster gang at Sheba's Haven (fulfilling all their needs), and the beagles yet to come…


Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!




Basking in the Afterglow of our 9th Annual BEAGLE BASH FOR CASH, we give you Mr. December!

Not only is Douglas the perfect choice for the HOWLiday Season, he was one of our guests at this year's BASH! 


Mr. December: Douglas!

Mr. December's doting 'parents': Anne-Marie & Lou Pedron


A little bit about Douglas & his inspirational family...


We came across the BOB website after the Rescue was featured on CP24's Animal HouseCalls a while back. We marked down the fundraiser date and went to it on Sunday (Nov 23rd) with Doug! This was Doug's first time being with so many of his "own" and although I think he was a bit overwhelmed, (he soiled the floor!), we think he had a fun time! We gratefully had his nails trimmed and bought a "spring" coat for him along with beagle Christmas was a very enjoyable time too for my husband and me. We were also glad to see Pencil doing so well although we hope the medical problems can be helped/resolved through his upcoming surgery so when we got home, we decided to make a donation to BOB.

Doug is 6 1/2 years old. We got him at 2 months and we consider him to be "our third son"! We love him dearly and live our lives around him! Doug has had his share of medical issues. At the age of 7 months, he became very ill with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. After huge expense and a variety of pills and dietary changes to control his health issues, Doug is doing well with only a couple of pills in the morning. He is fed 3x per day and I stay home from an outside job to look after him because the food prescribed causes him to have 6-8 bowel movements/day and the steroids make him drink a lot of water! If I went to work outside the home, I'd have to hire a dog sitter to do what I do each day for Doug and my pay would be going to that person. So with my husband's support, I started my own baking business from home so I can be home for Doug and still make a little cash on the side. Our kids are away at university so every day is with Doug and although sometimes I wish I was out working with other people, I do love being at home with this sweet little guy who gives us so much love and loyalty. We are committed to giving Doug the best possible life for as long as he lives. Unfortunately, the long term steroid use will eventually cause him more issues as he ages but we'll cross that bridge when we get to that point. For now, he is doing well and is an incredible little blessing in our lives!

This past Spring, we had another health issue with Doug when he was diagnosed with a herniated disc in his neck. We don't know how it happened. He just woke up one day in extreme pain and stiffness. He likes to be silly jumping up and off beds so he might have hurt himself hat way. We spent about $2000 in xrays, pain meds etc and made the decision against having a risky $5000 surgery and $2000 MRI after the neurosurgeon could only give us a 50% - 70% chance the surgery would work. So we took the "wait & see approach" and fortunately over time, the meds worked and he recovered. We give him one low dose pain pill every morning to help with any morning stiffness but otherwise he's doing well. He barks, runs and carries on like a silly puppy and we are so glad he's back to himself! Doug seems to have 9 "cat lives"... and he's used up about seven of them!!

Doug is a creature of habit and we keep him on such a routine that he seems to always know what happens next. He always knows when it's time to eat and when his " daddy" is coming home from work! We don't know what life would be like without him. Doug is our furry 3rd son and we love him more than words can say!

Anyway, thank you for all you and the other volunteers are doing by rescuing and helping other beagles in need. I had a beagle as a child so when we decided to get a dog for our sons, I knew that special dog had to be a beagle. Despite a lot of health issues and expense, we are glad that we have Doug because he has given us back an endless amount of unconditional love, loyalty and laughter. We wish that all those sweet beagles that are rescued can find caring "forever" animal should ever be unloved....

We will continue to watch for the BOB fundraiser activities and bring Doug again to see "friends". We look forward to the next time. For now, thank you and all the other people involved with BOB and all the best to you for the Christmas holiday and New Year! We hope Pencil and the other beagles in need will get the medical help they need to live more comfortably and feel the love of their caregivers. They all deserve to be loved.....


Anne Marie & Lou Pedron
Newmarket, Ont.




On behalf of our homeless howlers,

thanks a beagle bunch for your incredible ongoing support and friendship.

YOU keep this little beagle repair shop in business year after year.


Please join our Monthly BOBefactors by setting up a Monthly Gift of your own for our Homeless Howlers!

Your monthly gift of $10 or more really can make a difference for our beagles in hearbeat at a time!

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And we though 2013 was a busy year for your favourite beagle rescue! We're now halfway into 2014 and it looks like this year is going to be the busiest and toughest year yet with over $30,000 spent in medical costs already. Needless to say, it's never too late to lend your support. We're asked to help abandoned beagles on a daily basis. Please help us continue to reach out to beagles in need this Summer with a sunny donation to our homeless howlers. You can make one for yourself or in honour of a loved one. We'll send them a card on your behalf so they know the impact you've made in their name. You'll be making twice the difference for that special someone AND for a rescued beagle!

Wanna make a difference ALL year long? Join our family of Monthly Supporters and watch what your continuing support can do! Every dollar is like a hearbeat to this little beagle rescue.

On behalf of our beagle babies, THANK YOU and best wishes for good health and happiness throughout the year!

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Raising the funds to support our important work is crucial but without loving foster homes, our work would be impossible to perform. Please consider joining our family TODAY! We need MORE FOSTER PARENTS!!! Don't wait another minute! Send us YOUR Foster Application TODAY!!!



Big On Beagles (BOB) Rescue is a privately run registered charity committed to the rescue of beagles in need.

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