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In Celebration of the Month of LOVE!

Because it takes a whole lotta LOVE to share your life with a BEAGLE! 


Introducing...Our Miss February!!! 



Humble Servants of Her Highness, Queen of Hearts...& Dishes:  Tania, Jonathan & Joshua


All about Delilah:

We adopted Delilah from the pound eight years ago. She’d been dumped by a suspected breeder due to a jaw malformation. We signed the medical waiver, not knowing it would cost $4,000 to repair her jaw! We now own a dog who has her own orthodontist! Anyway, Delilah is the love of our family, and owning a beagle has been extremely rewarding. She’s an amazing dog, and has trained us well. We now know how to live with a beagle…and that the old joke about a beagle being a nose with a dog attached is true. Also, never ever leave $100 of artisanal cheese out during a party. And make sure the Thanksgiving turkey isn’t on the edge of the kitchen counter!




Another year is upon us and we're already saving more lives --- thanks to YOU! Your support makes it possible for us to keep reaching out to beagles requiring expensive, live-saving surgeries. The more money we raise, the more beagles we can save. It's that simple and that's why it's never too late to lend your support. We're asked to help abandoned beagles on a daily basis. Please help us continue to reach out to beagles in need throughout 2016. You can make a gift to our beagles for yourself or in honour of a loved one. We'll send them a card on your behalf so they know the impact you've made in their name. You'll be making twice the difference for that special someone AND for a rescued beagle!


Wanna make a difference ALL year long? Join our family of Monthly BOBefactors by setting up a Monthly Gift for our Homeless Howlers!

Your monthly gift of $10 or more really can make a difference for our beagles in hearbeat at a time!


On behalf of our beagle babies, THANK YOU and best wishes for good health and happiness throughout 2016!


Donate Now Through!

Donate directly to Big On Beagles using PayPal!

Raising the funds to support our important work is crucial but without loving foster homes, our work would be impossible to perform. Please consider joining our family TODAY! We need MORE FOSTER PARENTS!!! Don't wait another minute! Send us YOUR Foster Application TODAY!!!



Big On Beagles (BOB) Rescue is a privately run registered charity committed to the rescue of beagles in need.

Donate Now Through!

Please help us continue to put the wag back into the tails of beagles in need by making a donation TODAY! Just click on our Canada Helps button above to make a secure on-line tax-deductible gift to our homeless howlers! THANK YOU!


Donate directly to Big On Beagles using PayPal!